Monitoring and evaluation


The importance of M&E in the system of countering HIV / AIDS

Due to the growth of available resources for programs related to HIV in 2002–2009 in Ukraine, there emerged the need to demonstrate positive results of the measures implemented to counter HIV, which contributed to the recognition of monitoring and evaluation as an essential element of national programs for the prevention and control HIV / AIDS. The urgent need to create an effective national M&E system is also provided for in M&E requirements of fundamental donors, including the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the World Bank.

National indicators of monitoring and evaluation of HIV / AIDS incidence

In 2001, in support of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV / AIDS adopted by the Special Session of the General Assembly, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in its Resolution №890-p of December 13, 2004 ordered the central executive authorities to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of measures to control the status of HIV / AIDS against national indicators. Pursuant to this order, the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine identified a list of national indicators for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic in accordance with UNAIDS recommendations. Such a move called for regular reporting based on a set of indicators that have been adopted by many countries and allowed to track the HIV / AIDS pandemic globally, as well as compare regional and national trends.

The main document for generating the most complete standardized data on the epidemic process and progress in the response to the epidemic in Ukraine became the National Report on the Implementation of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV / AIDS. The main results of the National Report are reflected in the List of 25 National Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation of Activities. Some indicators are calculated using data from existing sources of statistical reporting. To calculate others, special sociological and epidemiological surveys are implemented among the public at large and among groups vulnerable to HIV infection.

During the period from 2002 to 2009, Ukraine prepared four National Reports and demonstrated progress in funding events aimed at countering the epidemic, expanding access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support of people with HIV.

M&E Centre within the framework of the Ukrainian Centre for Prevention and Control of AIDS
An important step in the development of this system was the creation in 2009 of a centre for monitoring and evaluation of program activities as part of the Ukrainian Centre for Prevention and Control of AIDS (MoH order № 236 of 09.04.2009).

Within the framework of main tasks, in cooperation with the Committee on Combating HIV / AIDS and other Socially Dangerous Diseases of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, the M&E Centre coordinates all national efforts in monitoring and evaluation of program activities to combat HIV / AIDS, namely:

• it carries out a comprehensive assessment of the intensity of the epidemic process of HIV and response measures by analysing epidemiological surveillance data

• it monitors health programs
• it implements sociological research.

Addresses of regional M&E centres