During the period from 1987 to 2016 (9 months) in Ukraine 292,153 HIV cases were officially registered among citizens of Ukraine, including 90,095AIDS cases and 40,554 deaths from AIDS-related diseases.

As of 01.10.2016, there were 132,714 persons living with HIV under medical supervision in the HCF of the AIDS service (HIV prevalence is 312.4 per 100 thousand people) and 37,912 AIDS patients (the prevalence of AIDS is 89,2 per 100 thousand people). The highest prevalence of HIV is registered in Odessa (865.8 per 100 thousand people), Dnipropetrovsk (797.56) Mykolayiv (713.8) Kherson (392.7) regions and in the city of Kyiv ( 432,6)

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