Register of TB patients

E-TB Manager

Control of tuberculosis incidence is quite a standardized process (there are WHO and MOH forms, as well as instructions, and recommendations); however, information management that would ensure adequate support of TB-programs usually requires a comprehensive integration of systems with separate modules, which were developed in different sectors.

E-TB Manager program was created to unite in a web-technology based instrument all the necessary figures in order to manage  the national program platform at different levels (cases, TB drugs and other medications), as well as to provide the necessary information in an on-line mode at any level to enable taking urgent decisions and epidemiological control in situations where intervention is necessary.

With the rise of drug resistant tuberculosis forms (DR-TB), including multi-drug resistant forms of tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and the recently found extensive drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB), this disease has become a serious threat to health of many people in different countries. The need in monitoring that would allow for control of disease spread and ensure uninterrupted supply of medications has arisen. To overcome these problems, a comprehensive approach to case management should be used, and the respective monitoring system should be introduced.

The e-TB Manager program offers the possibilities of a larger improvement of TB and DR-TB case management, management of 1st and 2nd line medications, as well as other drugs used to treat tuberculosis.

The e-TB Manager program is an efficient instrument for monitoring and control of TB and DR-TB. It can be used as an electronic data system that unites a central unit, where TB and DR-TB is controlled with local treatment institutions.

The users will apply the e-TB Manager program in accordance with the procedures determined in medical subdivisions, and following the national regulations.

This instrument can be used to collect and analyze data and compile reports on a wide range of issues:

Treatment and case management: in an online mode, one can register a case and then control it, record the results of clinical and laboratory tests, trace the patient’s admission and release, provide information about the course of treatment, and the patient’s contact information.

Management of TB drugs of the 1st and 2nd level: one can receive data about the need in medications for effective prediction, ordering, distribution, and issue of medications, as well as for registration of changes in medications stock and tracing batch numbers at all levels.

Management of information and supervision: helps to identify TB, DR-TB, and XDR-TB cases, to determine epidemiological indicators, stability panels, presence of concomitant diseases, results of treatment in patients of a certain age group. For this purpose, the access to updated information and supervision reports is given both bat the central and regional levels.

Operational and clinical research: offers accessible methods of analysis of the collected data and their transfer to other statistical programs. Case management module allows the staff of the national program platform to conduct thorough monitoring of TB and DR-TB development in patients starting from the moment the assumption of disease appears, to the registration of this case, and to the final result of treatment.

What is e-TB Manager?

e-TB Manager is an effective tool for:

  • provision of information on treatment, monitoring, tracing of treatment scheme, and stay of the patients in treatment institutions and their discharge in an online mode;
  • registration of results of clinical and laboratory tests, provision of information on observance of treatment schemes, and finding the patient’s contact information;
  • tracing the movement of medications of the 1st and 2nd level starting from the date of their delivery to the national program platform and finishing with the date they are issued to the patients;
  • monitoring of safety and efficiency of TB drugs by tracing their side-effects that are registered in patients in the process of their pharmaceutical treatment , and with consideration of data on final treatment results;
  • simplification of the procedure of ordering and supplying medications from the central to the local level of the NPP;
  • monitoring and assessment of the level of medication stock at any medical institution with consideration of the supply source (supplier);
  • creation of a database that could be used to prepare reports that would influence the politics and strategy of decision-making by the NPP management in future.

When should e-TB Manager be used?

Introduction of the e-TB Manager will increase the effectiveness of work of all medical institutions, specialists, and programs connected to management of TB and DR-TB cases, as well as management of TB drugs of the 1st and 2nd levels. They include:

  • phthisiologists;
  • pharmacies;
  • pharmaceutical warehouses;
  • centers of DR-TB treatment / TB-hospitals;
  • TB coordinators at the district level;
  • NPP coordinators;
  • the Ministry of Healthcare;
  • national programs of medical insurance;
  • donors/partners, such as WHO Green Light Committee, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM).

Guide for e-TB Manager users

e-TB Manager setting instructions

The analysis of quality of the data entered into the register of patients with tuberculosis as of 18.02.2016

According to the current information as of 18.02.2016, the specialists of the phthisiatric service of Ukraine entered 214 022 cases of tuberculosis into the register of tuberculosis patients; among them 4 564 were entered by the specialists of the institutions subordinated to the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine.

Specialists of the State Institution “Ukrainian Center for Socially Dangerous Diseases Control of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine” have conducted a comparative analysis of data on paper media with automatically  prepared reports in the register of tuberculosis patients. The percentage of data correspondence in the 4th quarter of 2014  “The report on the results of treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis who were registered 12-15 months ago, TB 08 (quarterly)” , “The report on the general number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd category of tuberculosis patients (according to bacterioscopy and/or culture-based analysis) TB 07” for the 3d quarter of 2015 registered 9,684 cases of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd category tuberculosis, which amounts to 99,2% of data submitted on paper media;

Almost all regions of Ukraine have been ensuring high quality of entering data on tuberculosis patients into the register. Insufficient quality of the information of registration still remains in Lugansk region (TB 10  - 83,3%) and institutions subordinated to the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine (ТB 07 – 84,3%, ТB 08 – 81,8%, ТБB 10 – 91,9%).

Correspondence of data on paper media in Register 2015

TB Patient Register update releases​

UCDC experts together with USAID SIAPS («Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services in Ukraine») project partners have been updating all modules of the register of tuberculosis patients with consideration of remarks and recommendations of the regional Register administrators.

Urgent update of tuberculosis register release of 12.02.2016

Tuberculos patient register update release of 04.02.2016

Tuberculosis patient register update release of 23.12.2015

Tuberculosis patient register update release of 22.09.2015

Tuberculosis patient register update release of 24.07.2015
(This release was prepared following the results of the “Medications” module piloting in the Register in Kyiv region)

On amendment of the tuberculosis patient register coming into force on 27.06.2015

Tuberculosis patient register update release of 23.04.2015

Tuberculosis patient register update release of 30.03.15

Tuberculosis patient register update release of 16.03.2015

Tuberculosis patient register update release of 30.01.2015

Correspondence of data on paper media in Register 2014