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Information resources on TB

Інформаційні матеріали з ТБ

Useful information for patients

The European Charter of Patients' Rights in Ukraine

Guide for patients

Tuberculosis today – facts and prospects from the Ukrainian Center for Control of Socially Dangerous Diseases of the MOH of Ukraine


Film about tuberculosis “Know, beware, do not be afraid”, an abridged version

For doctors and experts 

Information portal with educational materials on tuberculosis (video, booklets, posters, useful points, other) Explain TB -

Guide for doctors: Consulting on tuberculosis issues

DR-TB management. On the basis of the proceedings of the 45th 45th Union World Conference on Lung Health

Plan for introduction of infection control of tuberculosis and other airborne diseases on the basis of non-governmental organizations.

Guidelines on elaboration of local protocols of medical health on the basis of the Unified Clinical Protocol of Primary Medical Aid TB

Tuberculosis. Detection, treatment and monitoring according to K. Toman. Questions and answers

The role of the patient in the process of treatment. Handouts

The risk of tuberculosis transmission: the state of the problem and strategy of its elimination
Analysis of the state of measures of tuberculosis infection control in Ukraine and recommendations to elaborate the strategy for lowering the risk of tuberculosis spread. Document

According to the data of the Global WHO Report 2014, unfavorable epidemiological trends connected with the spread of resistant tuberculosis forms have been found in Ukraine. More details

One of the main goals of the national program to fight tuberculosis is to ensure quality medical assistance with the access to it by patients with tubercuslosis, as well as by groups vulnerable to tubercuslosis – regional WHO report.

WHO Global Tuberculosis Report 2014

Information on normalization of work of the Central Medical Consultation on Chemoresistant Tuberculosis and standardization of its protocols

Film about tuberculosis “Know, beware, do not be afraid”, an extended version for doctors

With technical support of the USAID Strengthening Tuberculosis Control in Ukraine Project, a number of monitoring visits to the regions have been made. Below, you will find videos from the workshops held by Olha Pavlova, UCDC deputy director, on organization of antituberculosis assistance.

1. Workshop “Possibilities for using TB/HIV data in the National Register of Tuberculosis Patients”

2. Workshop “Epidemiological situation with tuberculosis”

3. Workshop “Complicated issues of applying the National Protocol on TB/HIV co-infection”

4. Workshop “Preventive treatment with isoniazid in PLWH”

5. Workshop “Immune reconstitution syndrome in patients with TB/HIV”

6. Questions and answers