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Моніторинговий візит до медичних закладів фтизіатричного профілю та центрів профілактики та боротьби зі СНІДом у Вінницькій області.

Monitoring visits to healthcare facilities and TB prevention and AIDS centers in Vinnitsa region

Monitoring visits to healthcare facilities and TB prevention  and AIDS centers in Vinnitsa region.

On October 4-7 2016 UCDC experts  - the Head of the monitoring team,UCDC Deputy director for regional policy and intersectoral cooperation Olga Stelmakh, TB doctor Olena. Dyuzheva and Laboratory Doctor Natalia Kampos- Rodriguez made a monitoring visit to TB and HIV prevention  healthcare facilities in Vinnitsa region.

The purpose of the visit was to provide organizational and technical assistance in the following areas : identifying tuberculosis (including - MG TB) and HIV / AIDS; TB treatment (including MRI TB) and HIV / AIDS; MR combating TB, AIDS; maintain the Register of patients with tuberculosis; infection control.

During the visit a series of meetings with doctors, administrative staff, medical civil servants, regional public sector coordinators took place.