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Співробітники УЦКС здобули вищу освіту у сфері громадського здоров’я

UCDC Employees get Master Degree in Public Health

UCDC employees have got specialized education in the field of public health, which will leverage human resources capacity in the development of public health Ukraine at the national and international levels and promote good governance in the organization and services, responsible for protecting public health.

As a result of the two-year course of study at the master's program "Public Health and Health Management" at the Medical University  prof. Dr. Paraskeva Stoyanov, Varna, Bulgaria Master Degree received Karanda Vitaliy, Program Support Director, Igor Kuzin, Head of M&E Department  and Violetta Martsynovska, epidemiologist, specialist  M&E Department.

Medical University is the first and only university in Bulgaria, which in 2008 introduced EFQM® - Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management and is a member of the Association of European Universities. The curricula and university programs have highest level of national accreditation in Bulgaria and international accreditation ASPHER.

 Welcome colleagues and proud of their achievements!